There are numerous pond supplies available on the market today. All these supplies are meant to keep your pond and fish as healthy and clean as possible. Having a clean and healthy pond will also give one an enjoyable experience each time one goes out to see the pond. Having a pond comes with the responsibility of maintaining and taking good care of it, just like a pet. Therefore, it is crucial for one to know the kind of pond supplies available, how each of them works and why they are important to the pond. Pond supplies are in different categories depending on their uses. There are pond cleaning supplies, aeration supplies, fish health and feeding supplies and pump supplies among many others.
pond supplies

Pond supplies for aeration

So let’s start with the aeration supplies. What are they and what do they do? Pond aeration supplies include the aeration kits. These kits are available in different sizes and are more efficient when used to aerate small ponds. They aerate the pond by facilitating the release of harmful gases released by the organisms and microorganisms from the pond. This discharge of gases ensures that the pond can be used throughout any weather season in the year. These aeration kits are kept in a shaded area and away from excess moisture and dust for them to function efficiently. There are also those aeration kits that are ideal for shallow ponds that are large which distribute air throughout the pond while improving the levels of dissolved oxygen in the pond.

Pond supplies for cleaning

Pond cleaning supplies are the most crucial of all pond supplies. The health of fish in a pond depend on how clean the pond is. Also, a clean pond or waterfall is quite beautiful and soothing to the eye. Many types of equipment are used in pond cleaning and these include pond vacuums, algae cleaning tools. Pond vacuums are used to suck up algae and waste that may be at the bottom of the pond and deposits this waste in the vacuum basin which is later discharged through an outlet. If there are large particles such as rocks, leaves or twigs, they are trapped in a mesh bag and then easily disposed. Some pond vacuums have a vacuum brush head that is used to clean smooth surfaces and a nozzle-wheel vacuum head used to clean rough surfaces. Vacuums are time efficient way of cleaning and maintaining the pond.

Algae cleaning pond supplies

Algae cleaning tools are used to remove algae that may be growing in corners and crevices of the pond. These tools have a brush-like edge that allows the algae to stick to them. There are those algae cleaning tools specifically used to remove the string algae by allowing the strands to cling to them which makes them easy to remove. These tools have handles that extend to use in those deep ponds. Apart from the cleaning tools, there are also many water treatment chemicals that are environmentally friendly and do not harm the fish which are used to clean and purify the water. Some of these treatments are used to clump together those particles that are too small to filter which makes it easier for the filtration system to remove these clumped particles. There are others used to remove the coating of slime that may form on the surface of the pond.
For those with fish ponds, there are fish health supplies and fish feeding supplies that ensure your fish bloom and stay healthy. Fish feeding supplies include the equipment used to feed the fish. It is well known that fish can quickly die from overfeeding, and so it is essential to have a system that ensures that food is supplied to the fish but in moderation. The available fish feeding equipment ensures that fish get fed when they need with adjustable feed quantity and timing. This equipment can be used continuously for an extended period of time and are weather resistant. Occasional maintenance is however important to ensure that the equipment function normally at all times.

Fish health supplies

Fish health supplies are just as important as the fish feeding supplies and there are many different types available that serve different purposes and are non-toxic. There are those that are specifically used to remove all kinds of unwanted parasites from the pond such as tapeworms and flatworms. Others are effective in controlling and treating diseases caused by external pests and fungal infection of the fish.
Ponds may sometimes be subjected to the occasional wear and tear after a long time. The good news is that there are pond replacement parts and supplies that are used to fix the torn parts. An example are the pond lining supplies that are used to patch up minor holes and cracks in the pond. All component of the pond including the pumps have replacement parts which can be purchased as a set or individual parts. An example is the pond pump replacement part kit. These kits contain all the necessary components required to get one’s pond pump up and running. This package depends of course on the type of pump one owns. Another example is the replacement pre-filters that are used to fix filter pumps that are worn out and the replacement halogen lamp used to light the pond or waterfall during the night.

Plumbing pong supplies

Other essential pond supplies are the plumbing supplies. These supplies ensure that the water circulation to the pond is working well. They include bulkhead fittings for attaching water tubes, check valves that prevent backflow of water during power outages, diverter valve that regulates water delivery from pumps to waterfalls and fountains, and the y-connector that allows a pump to be connected to many filtration pipes among many others. If these plumbing supplies get worn out, they should be replaced immediately to avoid wastage of water or failure of the entire pond system. It is critical to get advice from dealers of these pond supplies on how they work and which is ideal for one’s pond before making a purchase.