A pond is a body of water that may form naturally or may be man-made. They may be created for decoration purposes or rearing small aquatic animals like fish. Whatever the purpose, it is crucial to keep the pond clean and fully functional throughout. A clean pond is quite soothing and beautiful to look at and is a good environment for the small aquatic animals to thrive. In order to keep the pond clean, a pond pump is an essential feature to have. Pond pumps are available in two broad categories, the external pond pumps, and the submersible pond pumps.

pond pump filter use

Pond pump filter serve the same purpose but operate in different ways. A pond pump will keep water circulating in the pond, and the process aerates the pond as well as filter the water. Aeration involves increasing the oxygen levels in the pond for the health of the aquatic animals in the pond. The filtration process involves removing the debris in the pond such as twigs, leaves, and even pollen. It also involves removing the layer of slime that may form on the surface of the pond. Many pond pumps have this filtration system within them, which mostly consist of two components; the mechanical filter and the biological filter.
pond pump filter

Not all ponds require pumps with both these filter components. However, for those with aquatic animals, both mechanical and biological filtration is crucial for the survival of the animals. The mechanical filter component filters the water that goes into the pump through the intake pipe. There are two levels in the mechanical filtration process. The first is where the filter captures the large particles such as leaves and twigs, and the other is where the small particles such as pollen that are not captured in the first phase are obtained by the sponge-like filtration system.

The biological filter is a component used to cleanse the pond water of toxic elements such as bacteria and waste excreted by the aquatic animals. The filter does this cleansing by clumping together these waste items and decomposing them using ultraviolet light. Both the mechanical and biological filters need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis to prevent clogging. Maintenance will enable one to identify the parts that have succumbed to wear and tear and replace them as soon as possible. It is important to choose the pond pumps whose labels say they are easy to clean and require little maintenance. Pond pump filter will save one a lot of time and energy on maintenance and cleaning.

Another thing to consider is where to place the pump so that a large amount of the water will pass through the filtration system. In addition, the filter in the pump should match the amount of water in the pond itself to ensure efficiency of the filtration process. A pump that combines both mechanical and biological filtration is the surest way to ensure that the aquatic animals live in a clean, healthy, and safe environment.