When it comes to maintaining a clean pond, pond filters are very essential. It is important to maintain a clean pond, with or without pets such as turtles, fish, and koi. Filtration systems perform these functions:

  • Biological filtration: pond filters provide an environment where beneficial bacteria can feed on the impurities in the water while breaking down the waste products.
  • Ultra-violet filtration: through this kind of action (ultraviolet action), water borne algae can clump together and thus makes it easy to do filtration.
  • Mechanical filtration: the filters trap debris, and keep it intact till later when it can be removed.

Pond Filters are often rated for a maximum pond value. So, it is advisable to choose a filter that is effective for the volume of your pond. You should take into account the levels of your fish stocking whenever possible too. This can be done by calculating the actual pond volume, and using the result to calculate the effective volume of your pond while adding an allowance for the fish stocking in your pond.
Most pond filters come in different sizes and with different functions depending on the kind of action, they are meant to take in the pond. Filters for midsize and large ponds combine several features such as biological and mechanical filtration with ultra-violet clarification. Such highly specialized filters can be fit for particular types of ponds.

Pond Filters parts

Depending on different models and brands of filters, most mechanical filters universally consist of trays of gravel, layers of foam pads and brushes or foam cartridges. More advanced models combine all of these media into one filter in order to make it easier for the pond owner during purchase.

Many filters also have chambers that contain what is known as plastic bio-media. These chambers are designed pieces that vary in diameter from 25 to50 mm. Up to ten cubic centimeters of the chamber can contain surface area of one square meter. This large surface area is beneficial for the encouragement of the growth of bio- media, which are an essential part of bio-filtration. Basically, the function of the bio media is to convert the ammonia from the waste of fish and dead organic matter into nitrites and eventually into useful but harmless nitrates that can encourage the growth of plants.

Without any help, it can take up to seven weeks to have a bio-media colony to be well established. To avoid such long durations before the bacteria can take proper residence in the filter and make a colony large enough to be effective, there has been some developments in the recent past. There are now products such as seed bacteria that is available in granular, seed or liquid form. These aid the bacteria in quickly growing into an effective colony in a bio-filter.

Aside from the technicalities of the filters, it would be worth noting some of the amazon best sellers for pond filters and supplies. In this way, you can be in a better position to choose a filter that is largely approved by fellow pond owners. They include:

Puro-Kleen Kleen-Guard Pond & Aquarium Filter Media, 12″ x 72″ by Puro-Kleen

This filter at a reduced price of $12.89 with an added advantage of free shipping. Some of its features include a 15 micron nominal 100% polyester woven filter media, a graduated filter design to improve filtration and enable better flow, it is approximately 1.5 inches thick uncompressed but may become thinner due to shipping. This filter is made in the USA and works in all environments. It is also completely non-toxic.

Pond Filter Media 12″ Wide x 10 Feet Long x 1″ Thick

This particular filter media consists of two layers, one coarser than the other. The first layer is for filtering coarse material while the other is a filter for finer material. The filter is also a good one because it comes with an easy to cut feature, so you can cut it with scissors to any desired size for your pond. It fits in most standard filters.
This filter comes at a price of $8.20 plus an additional $4.79 for shipping services.
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TetraPond Filtration Fountain Kit

This 4 star rated product comes at a price of $59.99, down from $103.49 with an offer of free shipping. The filtration fountain kit is ideal for ponds between the size of 50 to 250 gallons. It includes a flat box filter, some three fountain attachments and a 325 gph pump. The kit also comes with a frothy, spray and a bell. It has a limited warranty of 3 years. This product is sold by Amazon and is a great way for a pond owner to save on some money due to its quality and availability of the warranty.
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NEW Puro-Kleen Perma-Guard Rigid Pond Filter

At Amazon, this product is rated 4 ½ stars. It comes at a price of $ 12.89 with free shipping. Some of the features of this filter include: a 50 micron nominal 100% polyester non-woven filter media, larger open fiber design that allows for a maximum flow rate, it is approximately 1″ thick when uncompressed but may vary between .75″ and 1″ due to shipping. This media is bi-directional. The product works well in all environments and is completely non-toxic. It is made in the USA.

TetraPond SF1 Submersible Flat Box Filter by TetraPond

This flat box filter comes at a reduced price of $23.99 with free shipping on purchases over $49. This filter is ideal for ponds that are up to 500 gallons. It is ideal for keeping ponds clean while at the same time it prevents clogging. The box contains two filter pads, one coarse, and the other fine to filter larger debris. It also comes with a hose to connect the flat box to the pump thus ensuring you do not have to buy any extra filters.
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