Oxygen is essential to the survival of any living organism regardless if they are living on land or in water. In light of the increasing pond landscape design for many house compounds as well as large premises like parks, it is crucial to know how to keep a pond oxygenated. Those ponds that house fish and other aquatic animals require being oxygenated twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to ensure their survival. For this reason, pond pumps are very critical for any pond. Pond pumps do not only pump the water, but they also aerate the water and keep the organisms alive.
pond air pumps

Many times when the temperatures become warmer, the hot water in the pond is unable to hold dissolved oxygen. In addition, pressure may also affect the oxygen levels in a pond. The best way to ensure oxygen levels in the water increase is by always turning over the water, which is efficiently done by a pond pump. There are many different types of pond pumps available on the market today.

Among them is the air pump, which as the name suggest, its main purpose is to aerate the pond. These types of pumps are put outside the pond, and a pipe is connected from it to a diffuser that is inside the pond. Apart from providing oxygen to the small aquatic animals, pond air pumps are also efficient in preventing the pond from freezing during the harsh winters. They also increase the breakdown of fish waste, which in turn promotes a clean environment for the fish after filtration is done.You can also use pond filters and supplies to make pond clean.

It is very crucial to note that pond air pumps should be kept indoors so as to avoid any contact with water be it rain or the actual pond water and also this kind of pond pump is not submersible. If in contact with the water, there is a high chance for it to short-circuit or even corrode. Even the pipe connecting the pump to the diffuser should be protected to avoid corrosion. Air pumps are quite reliable and produce a minimum amount of noise that makes it appealing to many people. Some pond air pumps are piston-driven, and since they are oil-free, maintenance is quite easy. The dual outlet air pumps are used to supply air pressure under box filters, skimmers and air stones, and this has a long lasting aeration effect to the pond. Fountains and waterfalls, however, do not require air pumps since the constant movement of the water enables them to aerate themselves.

Pond Air pumps Price

Pond air pumps are priced according to how much water they can aerate per minute. There are also those air pumps that are solar powered which enable pond owners to save a lot of energy. Air pumps are available in different sizes that are ideal for various kinds of ponds. Larger air pumps are ideal for ponds of large size. Pond air pumps also have accessories that enable them to function more efficiently such as couplers and clamps. There are also replacement parts for the pump in cases where the parts succumb to wear and tear.