Ponds can serve different purposes, and some are simply decorative. Others are used to rear fish. Due to this, ponds have various sizes depending on their purpose. Examples of pond types include the mini-pond which is small and portable and also come in different colors and are mainly decorative. There are also fish ponds, which as the name suggests are primarily used to keep fish. A swimming pond where people can swim is also another example. Nonetheless, one thing is sure, fresh water is the life of a pond no matter its purpose. When setting up either of these ponds, it is essential to consider many factors to ensure one gets the maximum out of the pond.
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One of these factors is the size of the pond. Many times the amount of space one has will dictate the size of the pond to set up. Too big a pond may ruin the appearance of your property and may not be cost efficient. A pond that is too big may also lead to wastage of water. It is ideal to get advice from a landscape architect to know the best pond size for your property. Another factor to consider would be the shape of the pond. This factor entirely depends on the owner’s preference. It can be a round pond, square or even rectangular. However, for most ponds, the shape is not that important.

Choosing the direction of water flow is very crucial. If the flow does not follow a particular direction, it may lead to accumulation of dirt and other harmful elements that may destroy the appearance of the pond and even harm the fish. Keeping the water in the pond continuously circulating using a system that purifies the water will ensure the pond retains its “healthy” look. It is also critical to ensure that the environment around the pond is kept clean and regularly maintained. This maintenance entails ensuring the plants around the pond does not overgrow and getting rid of aquatic weeds if any.

Types of Pond pumps

Any pond requires one crucial accessory, and this accessory is a pond pump. No pond can exist without a pond pump that is the pond’s circulatory system. There are two types of pond pumps, the submersible pond pump, and the external pond pumps. As suggested by the name, submersible pond pumps work when submerged in the water, but all the electrical parts should be far enough from the water for safety purposes. So how exactly do these submersible pond pumps work? All that is required is to put it in the water then plug it in. The intake pipe, which is attached to filters, takes in and cleans the water. The impellor then spins and directs the clean water to the outlet pipe. The outlet pipe then deposits the water back to the pond above the surface so that the water is aerated. External Pond Pumps work by the same mechanism, the only difference is that they are not submerged in the water.
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For both types of pumps, the pump flow is what is important, and it is measured in gallons per hour (GPH) or gallons per minute (GPM). Submersible pumps have a flow that ranges between fifty to fifty thousand gallons per hour. This pump glow makes these types of pumps quite suitable for smaller ponds. The external pumps have a flow of over one thousand gallons per hour and are hence suitable for larger ponds. Some people may prefer the submersible pumps since they produce less noise and are easy to install. Nevertheless, external pumps also have the advantage of being reliable and energy-efficient as well as easy to install and maintain. Since external pump sits outside the pump, it may be important to hide it so as to maintain the appearance of the property.

These two types of pumps also have their disadvantages. The submersible pump clogs quickly and thus requires regular maintenance. The installation and maintenance require the operators to get wet, which may not be appealing. The external pump may be difficult to install due to the many components, they produce a lot of noise and may spoil the scenery of the landscape.

Under the two broad categories of pond pumps are numerous types of pumps which differ in their purpose. An example is the air pump, which as the name suggests, aerates the pond by ensuring a steady flow of oxygen to the pond. This aeration ensures the survival of the organisms in the pond. During the freezing winters, this type of pump may be used to maintain an opening that is free of ice. The air pump can be external or submersible depending on the pond size and the owner’s preference. If the air pump is external, then one should consider getting the solar powered air pump to save on energy.

Another example of a pond pump is the waterfall pump. The waterfall landscape design is becoming more and more popular. For a person considering the waterfall, thinking about the waterfall pump is a step in the right direction. There are many factors to consider when selecting the ideal waterfall pump. These factors include the length of the water drop and the width of the waterfall. When these factors are considered then, it is possible for one to get a waterfall pump that is efficient regarding water flow. If the waterfall pump is external, then the solar powered waterfall pump is ideal since it saves on energy. Fountain pond pumps are designed for a decorative display. They mostly work in the same way as the waterfall pump and the same factors are put into consideration.

There are also solids-handling filter pumps that can take out large solid elements of waste such as debris from the pond. It is done by pumping them out during the regular circulation of water through an attached pipe then a pond filter picks up the waste. These can also be external or submersible. However, this pump runs continuously twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and this can be inefficient regarding energy. Nevertheless, for the external filter pumps, there are the solar powered pumps that are more eco-friendly.

When selecting pond pumps, there are some things to look out for. One of them in the gallons per hour notation which tell the maximum amount of water that can be pumped when there are no restrictions. Another thing is the maximum head rating, which tells how high above the surface; the pump can pump the water. This head rating is crucial, especially for fountain pumps. There are also multi-functional pumps that perform a combination of the activities performed by all the pumps. It is advisable not to consider such a pump because though it may be cheaper; in the long run it may cause problems. Such a pump will totally fail to function if one feature stops working.

When it comes to maintenance of the pond, some instruments can make this easier. One of these instruments in the skimmer that sweeps the water surface and keeps it free from debris such as leaves, twigs, and seeds. Another one is the filter mat, which is designed to collect any debris that the skimmer would miss. These two instruments ensure that the water going into the pump is relatively clean thus protecting the pump from clogging and damages. Nevertheless, the pump itself has a filter screen which collects any elements that may have escaped both the skimmer and the filter mat. This filter screen should be cleaned regularly to ensure the pump works well, and water flow is consistent.

Cleaning the pond is also an essential part of its maintenance. The clean-out pump should be submerged in the water and allowed to drain all the water from the pond. The pond should then be rinsed gently so as not to scrub the beneficial algae away especially in a fish pond. The filters and skimmer should be cleaned thoroughly as well. After the process is complete, water can now be let into the pond, and the pump switched on.

It is highly crucial to consider your budget when construction the pond. The budget also affects the type of pond pump one can purchase and use. The budget is in terms of water one would like to use, the amount of energy one anticipates to use and money. The higher the gallon per hour flow of a pump, the higher its price will be. That is why it is advisable to use solar powered pumps that help to save. The sound of moving water can be soothing to listen to. The pumps also ensure that the pond is alluring to look at by keeping it cleaning and giving it bubbles. When the pond is cleaning and efficiently aerated, the fish will bloom. In addition, all these different types of pumps are conveniently available at many online stores and can be delivered to your property upon request and one can get assistance in setting up.

Best Pond Pumps

Active Aqua, AAPW1000 1000-GPH Submersible Pumps

Active Aqua pumps from Hydrofarms is one of the best submersible pond pumps available in market. Active Aqua submersible pumps are built to last with premium components, BPAfree, and built for hydroponic systems, fresh water aquariums, and ponds. Multiple hose fittings in Active Aqua submersible pumps helps to make your fittings tight every time. In order to reduce vibration ,Aqua pumps have portable foam filters, impellers, rubber mounting feet and a 6-foot heavy duty power cord. Adjust the pump’s flow to get things moving at your preferred rate.


    • Works at 1,000 gallons per hour
    • Best for ponds with more than 100Galoons
    • 92 Watts/120 VAC
    • Rated Output Pressure 4.9 PSI

Features of Active Aqua pond Pumps

  • Recommended for 100+ gallon reservoirs.
  • Can be used in Indoor and outdoor.
  • Oil free and environmental safe for aquaponic use.
  • UL-listed.
  • Multiple hose fittings for fit in different size.
  • Heavy duty power cord with a length of 10ft.
  • Rubber mounting feet to reduce vibration and lengthen pump life .
  • Adjustable Flow Regulator controls water Flow and Saves Energy
  • Dual-Function – Use Submersible or Inline.
  • Allow you to naturally oxygenate your water.
  • Active Aqua pump bags available to prevent clogging and reduce cleaning maintenance.

This pump can be used submersed or in-line. Note that when used in-line it should be placed below the water level since it is not self priming.
Active Aqua comes with a 1 year warranty from the date of retail purchase. Replaceable filter material not included. Active Aqua Pumps from Hydrofarm are carefully inspected and tested to ensure both safety and operating performance. Retail price of 1000 GBH active aqua pump is $54
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TetraPond Water Garden Pump

Tetra pond water pump is a centrifugal pump made with magnetic drive technology that can power waterfalls ,fountain heads etc. Magnetic drive technology provides high reliability and efficiency which makes tetra pond garden pumps one of the best pond pumps available in market. This pumps are Completely submersible and works well for outside and inside fountains.
Tetrapond water pumps are submersible and UL listed. Tetra garden pumps comes in 4 different power ratings 325 GPH,550 GPH ,1000GPH and 1900 GPH .You need to choose appropriate pump based on pond capacity. Tetra pumps comes with large clog resistant filter screen which filters all debris and other materials effectively.

325 GPH Pump for Ponds with 50 to 250 Gallons capacity
550 GPH Pump for Ponds with 50 to 500 Gallons capacity
1,000 GPH Pump for with Ponds with 1000 to 1500 Gallons capacity.
1,900 GPH Pump for Ponds with 1000 to 1500 Gallons capacity.

Tetra pump gives a 3 year warranty . Pump will be repaired or replaced free of charge for the 3 years from purchased data.
Tetra pump comes with additional adapter sizes . All TetraPond Water Garden Pumps come with a pump cage. These cages will screen out larger debris that can clog pumps.
At amazon ,tetra pumps comes with a reduced price of $61 with free shipping. This product have a very good rating of 4.3 and it is one of the best pump available in market for this price.
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EcoPlus 728310 Eco 396 Submersible Pump, 396GPH

Ecoplus submersible pump is a 4.3 rated product comes with a price of $22.34 for 396 GPH .These pumps are high quality product developed with latest technology. This pump have 36 watt power and pumps at a rate of 396GPH.Maximum pumping height for this pump is 6.3’ and it includes barbed fittings for 1/2 and 3/4 inch tubing.
It is suitable for installation on dry land for in-line use or submersible into the water .The main advantage of this pumps is that it comes with a ceramic shaft which makes it suitable for use in salt waters.

  • 6 foot power cord
  • 120v
  • 60Hz
  • .30 Amps
  • Max Height 6.5ft
  • Dimensions:6.4″ x 3.1″ x 4.5″

EcoPlus are known for their quality and Water Pump has a powerful oil-free and rare earth rotor magnet that is able to easily push a good amount of water through the filtering system.
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Alpine Cyclone Pump

Four star rated submersible pump in amazon comes with a price of $119 for 2100GPH.This pumps have a energy efficient design with ceramic impeller shaft for longer life. Alpine cyclone pumps are available in 6 different sizes ranging from 2100 GPH to 8000GPH.
They have a oil free and magnetic driven motor which makes it highly efficient and cost saving pump. Cyclone pumps are ideal for heavy duty waterfall or filter systems, as they have the needed power to move large quantities of water through your water feature. They are designed for continuous operation even in the harshest pond environments. This versatile pump can be used vertically, horizontally, and in or out of water. The pump features simple maintenance, with a removable rotor assembly, water-resistant ceramic bearings for continuous and trouble-free use. They have Oil-Free, epoxy protected ceramic shaft. Alpine Cyclone Pond Pump have a pre-filter cage that keeps out large damaging debris
Alpine pump have 3 year limited warranty.
Alpine pumps are one of the best recommended pumps for consistent flow and pressure.
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Aquascape 91012 AquaForce 2700 Asynchronous Pump

Aquascape aqua force pumps is a Four star rated pump comes with a pre filter cage which allows the pump to be used directly inside the pond. Prefilter cage prevents clogging . These pumps are oil free so it is fish save .It requires low maintenance compared to traditional pumps.
High torque of aqua force gives good performance at higher head heights.
Aquaforce have asynchronous motor which gives high efficiency and performance.   AquaForce is ideal for both ponds and pondless waterfalls.
Fittings with rotational ball output allows discharge position to be easily adjusted. Aquaforce comes with 5 different ratings -2695 GPH,5284GPH,1070GPH,2149GPH,3868GPH.
The product works well in all environments and is completely non-toxic.